Country Home Assisted Living is a residential community in Bountiful, Utah. It offers assisted living to those that want a more home like experience. This type of assisted living, allow seniors to enjoy their retirement years in a dedicated environment with people their own age. This arrangement allows residents to maintain the retirement lifestyle, of independence and freedom, with the assurance of knowing help and care are available if needed 24/7.

In our residential home, a retired individual will still have an as close to normal a life as they wish or are able. They will be able to have friends and family visit whenever they want. They can go for walks, dine out, and enjoy themselves and relax. Residential care is considered to be a dignified and cost-effective way of living for the elderly. Most families if given the choice will choose residential care/assisted living over a nursing home. We are a family ambiance.

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Country Home is one of the rare small assisted livings with eight rooms total and staffed by care professionals who reinforce an authentic home-like environment. These factors “set it apart from the standard model of care”, someone said. “It highlights the significance of living in small houses with people whose values you, share and have something in common with.”

In large facilities, the sense of the institution is unavoidable when you walk through the front door. Any well-meaning ideology can easily be lost. ln Country Home Assisted Living you walk into a home. Our residents can make their own decisions. Our residents are encouraged to be active and be involved in the home by helping to set the table, picking up eggs, watering the plants, etc. They move freely within the house allowing them to maintain a sense of belonging, of being valued and living in a real home.

The ways we care for people living with dementia are evolving as we learn more about the condition. Creating a home-like environment of dignity, of care, of understanding for a person’s life story, and person-centered care have all emerged as important ways for us to improve the quality of life for those who live with dementia and all our residents.

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